My name is Angelika Ahlers. I live in a little village in the North of Germany, was born in 1961, am married and proud mum of two lovely boys (27 and 26).

From the collector:

The first miniature pieces it all started with about 30 years ago were some small copper potts and pans and a lovely old kitchen stove made by the German company Bodo Hennig. They still have their place in my today's dollhouse kitchen.

My dollhouse is not a typical dollhouse though. It has been built into an old cabinet, which 27 years earlier had been in use as our kids' baby armoire.

The cabinet now contains 9 rooms and a couple more in my fantasy.

I love to seasonally decorate them and complete the scenes with porcelain dolls, dogs, cats and even some tiny mice.

Because in real life my husband and I have got a great love for horses and run a very small private stud, my dollhouse people had to be horse owners, too. Their little horse yard with barn and stables sits on top of the cabinet and accommodates a nice herd of model horses.





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